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Adam Zerlin


Car: Formula Enterprise

Team: Comprent Motor Sports


  • My Dad started racing a Sports Renault in 1985.  I was 2 years old at the time.  My Mom would have a clipboard and stopwatch in one hand, a CB radio in the other, and somehow keep me from wandering off.  We would take family racing vacations and go to many consecutive SCCA events one weekend after another while visiting the cities nearby, such as Savannah. As I got older, I held the clipboard and helped work on the car.  In 2000, at 16, I starting racing the same SRF my Dad had started racing 15 years earlier.  It was a surreal moment to have watching my Dad race this car for so many years and now finally be able to do the same thing.  In 2004, he sadly sold the SRF and purchased an FE.  We shared the FE until 2012 when I was able to purchase my own. In 2010, for the first time, I attempted to win the SARRC for the first time while splitting Double SARRC weekends with my Dad.  I finished in 3rd place.  In 2011 I drove full time and won the SARRC in dramatic fashion at the SIC in Savannah by 2 points. Since 2016, my Dad and I have competed in the North East, where I now live.  For so many years we shared a car and now we’re able to race against one another. The answer to who’s faster can finally be settled!

  • Interests/Hobbies outside of the racing world: Outside of racing I’m the Chief Operating Officer for DH Enterprise & Associates, an international online travel company.  I have a background in programming and computer technology.

  • Team Thoughts: “Our highlight in racing is probably our time at Indy for the 2017 Runoffs.  We had a blast and running with Comprent made everything so much easier and fun. After running as a privateer for so many years, we really enjoy being a part of the Comprent team.  The guys are always nice, helpful, there when you need them, and high-fiving when we do well.”

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