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Elizabeth Byerly


Car: Spec Racer Ford Gen3

Team: Comprent Motor Sports


  • Elizabeth is a Colorado girl turned Atlantan after college. From skiing in her red suit at age 3, paragliding for her 40th, kiteboarding at age 50, and turning track days into actually racing in 2018, Elizabeth love’s to take on new things. This trend follows at work, where she is a seasoned (read: doing it for too long!) communication and change management consultant for mid- to jumbo-sized companies. She is known for thinking about things in new and different ways, her creativity, ability to take on complex and difficult initiatives, as well as working hard to make sure the big picture is ever present while the details get done well.

  • What excites you the most about racing? The pure thrill of it combined with the constant challenge of getting better—smoother, faster, braver—with each turn and each track.

  • Driver History/Race Stats/Notable Finishes: Started Auto Crossing in 2003 and doing track days with PCA in 2012. School and five regional or majors in 2018. One third place SRF3 finish and several others from last to middle—getting faster one race at a time!

  • Interests/Hobbies outside of the racing world: Traveling, tennis, golf, snowboarding and skiing, making all natural soap

  • Team Thoughts: “I have the best team in the word with the combination of my best fan, Steve Byerly, and the wonderful crew at Comprent. Not only do they give me a perfect car every time, they are great at coaching me about the ins and outs of the racing, learning from the data and what to focus on to go faster. They make every weekend fun and a great learning experience.”

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