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James Paul


Car: Spec Racer Ford Gen3

Team: Comprent Motor Sports


  • James has followed in his father’s footsteps in business as well as with the passion of motorsports. He is a key leader in the fresh Asparagus supply chain in North America, and is also the founder and coach of Team Trouble, a professional men’s basketball team in the American Basketball Association.  For those who know him, James single goal in everything that he does is to have fun.   He is wildly inappropriate and full of sarcasm most of the time, but is very serious and competitive when it’s called for.  He enjoys making those around him smile, loves to go fast, and is always ready for the next challenge.   James is married to his high school sweetheart Norene, and they have a set of Irish twins named Michael and Lauren.     

  • What excites you the most about racing? The adrenaline. The feeling when the green flag drops and your tires aren’t up to temp. The side by side battle down the back straightaway with the break zone lurking just up ahead. The comradery in the pits with all of the goofballs that congregate together. It’s the laughter and the cheers, the conflict, the challenge and the adrenaline rush, that makes it so great.

  • Driver History/Race Stats/Notable Finishes: Started racing in 2014.  Raced in the Super Unlimited class with Nasa finishing third in the National Championships. 2015 started my rookie season with SCCA in the P1 class and won the Regional championship head to head against Jim Davenport, current Nasa and SCCA national Champion. Finished the season with 9 wins including a 14 lap margin of victory in the Illgen 4 hour endurance at Thunderhill.

  • Interests/Hobbies outside of the racing world: Work, Family, Basketball, Boxing, Goofing off

  • Team Thoughts: "As a new member to the Comprent Motorsports Team, I am excited to fit into a new team, learn a new car, master some new tracks, and enjoy the challenges and friendships that I am so blessed to have been given the opportunity to enjoy.   A special thanks to Greg Paul, my father and best friend, the one who made this amazing dream a reality.   Let’s go break some records!"

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