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John McAleer


Car: Elan DP02

Team: CAS Group / Comprent Motor Sports


  • John McAleer, founder and CEO of CAS Group, has earned a reputation as a trusted partner and relationship builder who understands his clients’ business challenges from all angles, not just the revenue side. He helps them create the roadmap and strategy for achieving their business goals. An energetic, serial entrepreneur, John also co-founded (a unique social networking service enabling users to connect with similar people based on media preferences), RDPS China (an offshore JV), and Cloudzilla (cloud infrastructure & solutions), among other entrepreneurial ventures.

  • What excites you the most about racing? The intense focus required is ironically a fantastic stress release. Once you get up to speed, everything else just melts away. That can be a very cathartic and therapeutic experience for those of us dying the death of a thousand cuts in our business lives.

  • Driver History/Race Stats/Notable Finishes: 3 full seasons in an FE and 1 full season in the DP02. P1 Lap records at Watkins Glen and Charlotte Motor Speedway, 7th in runoffs, various regional wins and Major Podiums.

  • Interests/Hobbies outside of the racing world: Musician, Snowboarding, Wake Surfing, Surfing, Electric Skateboarding

  • Team Thoughts: "I would not be doing this if it weren’t for the support of the Comprent Team. They have provided an onramp for getting into the sport as well as a development platform to continue to get better and be more competitive. Comprent has more experience with SRF, FE and DP02 than anybody else in the industry. Fantastic support family."

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