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Weekend Recap: COTA (March 23rd - March 26th 2017)

The Comprent Motor Sports team had a busy but successful weekend at the Circuit of the Americas race track in Austin, Texas last weekend fielding 8 cars.

Weekend Finishes:

Saturday March 25th 2017

Lee Alexander (Forumla Atlantic) - 10th Place

Bob Corliss (Formula Atlantic) - 8th Place

Rich Zober (Formula Atlantic) - 2nd Place

Darryl Shoff (Prototype 1) - 8th Place

Bill Munholland (Prototype 1) - 10th Place

John McAleer (Formula Enterprise) - 2nd Place

Carl Martin (Formula Enterprise) - 3rd Place

Ted Thorp (Formula Enterprise) - 7th Place

Paul Scheider (Formula Enterprise) - 6th Place

Sunday March 26th 2017

Lee Alexander (Forumla Atlantic) - 2nd Place

Bob Corliss (Formula Atlantic) - 5th Place

Rich Zober (Formula Atlantic) - 11th Place

Darryl Shoff (Prototype 1) - 3rd Place

Bill Munholland (Prototype 1) - 8th Place

John McAleer (Formula Enterprise) - 7th Place

Carl Martin (Formula Enterprise) - 4th Place

Ted Thorp (Formula Enterprise) - 3rd Place

Paul Schneider (Formular Enterprise) - 1st Place

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