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  • 1988 -  In 1988 Comprent Motor Sports was started as a part-time business.


  • 1989 - Our racing history began with Joseph Hamilton whom we fielded in 1989 with a Ralt RT-4 and finished 3rd at the SCCA Runoffs. It is was his first full year of National racing. In 89, with our direction as a prep company grounded, Comprent Motor Sports became a full-time business.


  • 1990 - Again in 1990, we fielded Joseph Hamilton and qualified on the pole at the Runoffs.  Joseph then went off and won the National Championship.


  • 1991/1992 - In 1991 and 1992,  we ran selected races for our SCCA Regional and National customers. We also built an S-2000 for the Oldsmobile Pro Series and ran some selected races for rental customers.


  • 1993 - 1993 with a 1986 Tiga Camel Light car, Comprent became involved in IMSA racing. We ran the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona starting in 34th overall, 9th in class, and finished 12th overall, 2nd in class.


  • 1994 - We converted the car to a WSC car for 1994. We didn’t finish Daytona, but finished 6th at Sebring. at Indianapolis Raceway Park we placed 6th and finished 9th at Atlanta.


  • 1995 - In 1995, Comprent updated and ran a Mazda MX-6 in the IMSA GT Series. We finished in the top five three times running a limited schedule. We also continued the development of the WSC Car and campaigned it on a limited basis.


  • 1996 - In 1996, we developed an ACRL Super Sports 2000 Car that won the 1996 Championship with Bob Schader driving. Comprent developed tub and aerodynamic updates for the venerable 87/90-91/90 Lola Sports 2000 beating brand new designs from other manufactures.


  • 1997 - In 1997 Comprent went back to it’s core business of supporting SCCA Club racers and in 1999, moved into supporting vintage racers at HSR and SVRA events. We now maintain Vintage Formula cars, from Formula Fords to Formula One cars.


  • 1999/2000 - In 1999 and 2000 we supported a car in the in USF-2000 Series for TSA Motorsports driver Andrew Davis.


  • 2001 - In 2001, while continuing to support our SCCA and vintage racers we also supported a car in the Grand AM GT Series​

  • 2005 - Won the SCCA National Championship in Sports 2000 with Marc Walker

  • 2008 - Won the IMSA Lites Championship with Jonathan Goring

  • 2010 - Won the SCCA FE Pro Championship with Sean Rayhall at the age of 15

  • 2011 - Finished 3rd in the IMSA lites Championship with Jonathan Gore

  • 2013 - Won the IMSA Lites Championships with Sean Rayhall

  • 2014 - Finished 2nd in the IMSA Lites Championships 

  • 2015 - Won the SCCA National Championships in the 1st Spec Racer Ford Gen3 class with Kerry Jacobsen & Finished 2nd in FE SCCA National Championship with current Indy Lites driver Ryan Norman

  • 2017 - Finished 3rd in P1 at the SCCA National Championships in Indianapolis with Darryl Shoff & finished 4th overall in Spec Racer Ford GEN3 with Clay Russell

  • 2018 - Spec Racer Ford Gen3 National Champion - Clay Russell

  • 2019 - Spec Racer Ford Gen3 National Champion - Clay Russell & won the SARRC Championship and the SIC with Max Just

  • 2022 - Spec Racer Ford Gen3 National Champion - Franklin Futrelle

  • 2023 - Spec Racer Ford Gen3 National Champion - Franklin Futrelle, Formula Enterprise 2 SCCA Runoffs 2nd Place - Franklin Futrelle, Prototype 1 National Champion - Todd Vanacore


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