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Comprent Motor Sports offers it’s prototype tooling division; a CNC Router facility with in house design and composite production. We are capapble of working with a customer own designs or designing for the customer, from idea to drawing to pattern, mold, and physical parts. We have experience in pattern cutting including patterns for the Elan DP-01 and DP-09 formula cars and various aerospace projects. Our 5-axis router is capable of cutting solid shapes up to 10 feet in length and width and 4 feet in height.

What We Can Do
  • Design: Solid model designing of parts, molds, patterns and fixtures.

  • 5-Axs Milling: Prototyping of highly detailed parts in a variety of materials.

  • 3-Axia Milling: 2D and 3D machining in any material

  • Jigs, fixutres and knocking blocks.

  • Motorsports splitters in 5MM and 12 MM WISA board.

  • Molds and patterns for composite layup.

  • One off plastic and wood concept models.

  • Composites: Wet and Pre-Preg lamination of molds and parts.


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