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Pre-Event Preparation

Pre-Event Preparation by its very nature is the essence of fielding a winning entry. You may have the finest driver, but if your race car is not up to its full potential you could end up following, instead of leading the pack.  Some drivers desire more service than others and as a result we have created a tree of service levels to accommodate everyone.  Comprent also has the ability to tailor a package to your specifications.  In the end we try to provide a level of service excellence that serves a benchmark for the industry.

Transmission Repair

Comprent Motor Sports has been appointed the Elite Racing Transmissions Distributor for the USA.We will carry a full line of parts for the Formula Enterprises Car. We can also service the transmission; from actuaor repair and service, rejigging the barrel, and installing ring and pinions. Below is a brief descriptions of the services provided.

Race Car Repair

Despite the best laid plans, things will go astray. On the race track, that usually equates into repair work. Whether it’s a minor or major problem, our staff of technicians can accommodate your request for repair in an efficient and timely manner.

Welding & Fabrication

Welding and Fabrication is an area where you can visually take in the high level of skill our technicians possess.  From repairing damaged race cars, to fabrication of custom anti-roll bars our department provides some the best work in the country.


Working with the latest materials, from Kevlar, Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass, our technicians can address most agendas that customers can desire. From mold making to R&D projects, comprent offers the excellence that customers require.

Data Installation & Repair
An arena which combines experience, science and a can do attitude from our technicians. With a myriad of wires, tight spaces, numerous connections, accomplishing the task of installation is both time consuming and stressful. To facilitate the installation correctly and in the quickest amount of time, it must be accomplished by an experienced staff, which comprent has. This type of install or in some cases a repair is a task that is commonplace at our center.  Our technicians have the tools and patience needed to create an installation or a repair that is in line with a customers desires.
Race Car Transportation

Transportation to and from events is an issue that frequently has to be addressed by most members of the racing community. Given Comprent’s extensive connections throughout the racing community transportation issues can most times be resolved if given the time. Comprent’s trailers have frequently had guest cars and most times we can provide transport for a racer for a nominal fee.

Coaching Trackside Service

An area of racing that is desired by most who wish to get past the long curve of learning how to “really drive” a race car. Andrew Davis has a long relationship with comprent and has given numerous classes to many of our clients. So, you have a car, you have your license to race and you’re off right? Well you could be if you desire to service your car at the track yourself. Though many racers do it themselves, the trackside support service offers  the opportunity to “arrive and drive” as the saying goes.  Comprent will provide, for a nominal fee, an area to park your car under our tent and have others to assist in the tasks needed to get the car on and off the track. We offer varying degrees of this service so should this support appeal to you give Kevin Kloepfer a call to decide what level you need to really savor the experience.

Shock Service

Shocks can make a world of difference in the handling of a racecar. But how do you know if your shocks are performing properly? The only way to be sure is to have them tested on a shock dynamometer. Comprent is equipped with a SPA shock dyno, which can test racing shocks and provide accurate graphs of force vs. velocity. With this information, not only will damaged or worn shocks be identified, but the racer will also be able to see the actual results of shock adjustments (which are not always as incremental as you might think). Performance of right vs. left and front vs. rear shocks can be compared. If you’re interested in doing some suspension engineering calculations, these graphs can be used to determine damping coefficients.

If shocks are damaged or worn, Comprent can repair or rebuild many popular brands of racing shocks. We can also tailor shock performance to your particular needs by revalving or by replacing or modifying pistons. If new shocks are the order of the day, comprent is an authorized Penske dealer.

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