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2018 SCCA Runoffs Recap

After the 2,563 mile cross country drive, the Comprent team arrived in sunny Sonoma California on Friday October 12th for the 55th running of the 2018 SCCA Runoffs bringing with them Daryll Shoff (DP02), John McAleer (DP02), Clay Russell (Spec Racer Gen3) & Paul Schneider (Formula Enterprise). The journey across the country was a long one & there was plenty of anticipation as the drivers would be competing for a National Championship. On Saturday & Sunday we tested and tried to acclimate to the rather hilly 2.52 mile low grip track. We struggled with Clay Russel's car until Sunday (special thanks to John Cerini of M&L Motorsports who had local knowledge of the track and was instrumental in helping get the car turned around).

Qualifying Sessions

Tuesday Notes:

  • Daryll had an electrical issue & did not qualify.

  • John McAleer - 11th

  • Clay Russell - 4th

  • Paul Schneider - 7th

  • Comprent assisted with Quinten Nelson.

Wednesday Notes:

  • Daryll Shoff - 10th

  • John McAleer - 11th

  • Clay Russell - On the pole & set new qualifying track record

  • Paul Schneider - 7th & was working through some braking issues that we were trying to sort out

Thursday Notes:

  • Daryll Shoff - 10th

  • John McAleer - 11th

  • Clay Russell - Retained the pole by 2 thousandths of a second

  • Paul Schneider - 7th



Quinten Nelson finished 4th overall in Formula Enterprise.


Paul Schenider started 7th overall in the race & finished 4th receiving the Sonoco Hard Charger Award for advancing the most positions.


Daryll Shoff & John McAleer were the first up for Comprent on Sunday. Daryll advanced all the way up to 5th place from 10th before getting pinched in turn 1 and bending a rear push rod. John McAleer had a great overall race advancing from 11th to 7th place.

SRF Gen3:

Comprent's final race of the runoffs & it was the best race of the weekend. Clay Russell started the race on the pole only beating out California native Mike Miserendino by 2 thousandths of a second in qualifying. The two drivers battled it out for 20 laps to try and take home the Spec Racer Ford Gen3 National Championship swapping positions throughout the race. The championship came down to the last lap & turn 12 of Sonoma Raceway where Mike M. gave it his all and tried to take the inside but couldn't make it stick. Clay Russell finished off the last bit of lap 20 leading the way to take home the 2018 SRF Gen3 National Championship as well as the SCCA Super Sweep Award (winning a Major Conference Championship, the Hoosier Super Tour point title & a Runoffs Championship.)

Overall Comprent had a very successful week in California. Thanks to all of our drivers, crew & the entire Comprent Team for all your support, hardwork & dedication!

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